Elisenda Carrasco - Textures of XXI century (for female voices)

Born in Barcelona, Elisenda Carrasco began her musical studies at the Conservatory of Music of Barcelona, where she obtained a higher degree in Harmony, instrumentation and composition, and Orchestral Conducting with Josep Soler and Salvador Mas respectively.

In the field of choral conducting, she has worked among others with S.Johnson, L.Heltay, J.Prats, P.Cao and F.Bernius, as well as with the teachers G Hollerung and J. Frihsmund, with a Music Mundi scholarship in Germany. She furthered her studies in orchestral conducting with H. Wojnarowsky and T. Bugaj at the Friederich Chopin Academy in Warsaw, and at Krakow Conservatory.

In 2000 founded the choir Capella de Música de St. Esteve d’Olot, together with other musicians and musicologists. This entity is engaged in the collection, study and dissemination of new works of XVI and XVII centuries. In 2001, founded the orchestra ArtsCambra BCN and in 2002 created together with the playwright Marc Rosich La Trattoria Lirica, a opera company engaged in the creation of small-scale shows and operas.

For over 17 years has been the musical director of the Children’s Choir de l’Orfeó Català, Palau de la Música Catalana, and of its Choral School with singers from 6 to 25 years old.

Currently, and for the last 20 years she directs the Children’s Choirs of St. Cugat, where she also develops pedagogy tasks as part of the Sound workshop and the female choir Voxalba, specialized in music of the XX-XXI centuries.

Workshop for female voices: Textures of XXI century

In this workshop we want to give a look at the different views in terms of compositional language, that different authors give the same text… We will take sacred texts, ancient, and we will see how the palette of colours can be so diverse. A Salve Regina, seen by J. Busto or M. Kocsár, going through an Ave Maris Stella of E. Ugalde or I. Antognini. Or some other texts, also intimate, but jazzy versioned, like those of W. Blake, S. XVIII, in the version B. Chilcott made recently in their Jazz Songs of Innocence.

Contrasting languages and enriching, all of them common in the XXI century.

  • Salve Regina (J. Busto)
  • Salve Regina (M. Kocksár)
  • Ave Maris Stella (E. Ugalde)
  • Ave Maris Stella (I. Antognini)
  • Jazzsongs of innocence (B. Chilcott)
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