Santiago Ruíz - Indianas of Carlos Guastavino

Santiago Ruíz

Santiago Ruíz
Born in Cordoba, Argentina, in 1978, is Professor of Guitar graduated at Provincial Music Conservatory, where he also studied clarinet. At the National University of Cordoba attended MUSICAL COMPOSITION obtaining in 2001 THE FIRST PRIZE for the best average.
He has taken many courses in choral and orchestral conducting, being trained by leading Argentine teachers (Gustavo Maldino, Carlos Flores, Hugo de la Vega, Eduardo Ferraudi, Eduardo Correa, Claudio Morla, Maria del Carmen Aguilar, Nestor Andrenacci, Alberto Balzanelli, Antonio Russo ) and major international teachers: Josep Prats, Werner Pfaff, Alberto Grau, Maria Felicia Perez, Alina Orraca, Digna Guerra and Hadrian Avila Arzuza.
He is founder and conductor of CANTORIA DE LA MERCED, professor at the Department of CANTO CORAL at the National University of Córdoba, and conductor of the String Orchestra of the Municipality of Cordoba and Cordoba Municipal Choir.
Conducting Cantoría de la Merced has won over ten awards in national and international competitions, including the YOUNG CONDUCTOR PRIZE (2007) awarded by the National Endowment for the Arts of Argentina .

Indianas de Carlos Guastavino

The music of Argentine composer Carlos Guastavino, and especially his "Indianas", represents a special compositional synthesis within the Latin American music scene: it is impossible to decide whether it is "popular" music, or "academic" music.
Its structure, its harmony, its delicacy and its complex rhythmic piano writing and fine selected poems show us that it is a great composer and with serious academic training.
However, the simplicity of expression, the natural poetry of his melodies, the formal and rhythmic overtones pervade all the sounds of a perfume that only you can breathe in the land where this music was written.


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