Pablo Trindade Roballo - Traditional music

Pablo Trindade was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 1961. He studied orchestral and choral direction, piano, double bass and composition in the conservatory Fálleri-Balzo in Montevideo. Among his principal teachers include Federico García Vigil, Eduardo Scarabino, Fanny Ingold, Perla Costa, Eduardo Gilardoni, Guido Santórsola, Francisco Curt Lange, Roberto Montenegro and Arlindo Teixeira.

He is director and founder of the group Suite Montevideo and of the Uruguayan Youth Choir, and director of the Federations of choirs from the Coast and Centre of Uruguay, in the Ministry of Education and Culture.

His compositions and arrangements are part of the repertoire of choirs and vocal groups from America and Europe. He has taught courses in choral conducting, vocal arrangements, Choir of Folk Music and Singing Group Dynamics in several cities of Brazil, Uruguay and Germany, acting also as orchestral director in these countries and Venezuela.

He taught courses on his work in the cities of Stuttgart, München and Köln in Germany, Valencia and Barcelona in Spain, as well as in Brazil and Uruguay.

Since 1966 is director of the group Expresso 25, in Porto Alegre, Brazil, highlighting the performances “Imaginario Sonoro do Brasil” (2006) and Pulso (2010).

Workshop for a choir singing traditional music

The objective of this workshop is the formation of a choral group that through musical compositions on traditional music (Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay) and using the  singers conscience of their own body in a natural way, will develop an original aesthetic proposal, integrating different artistic expressions.

  • Redescobrir (Luiz Gonzaga Jr.)
  • Adios Nonino (Astor Piazzolla)
  • Ronda catonga (Carlos Benavídez, Ildefonso Pereda Valdés)
  • Estrada do sol (Tom Jobim e Dolores Durán)
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